The dearest wish (6+)

Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

Toon Tellegen and Corrie van Binsbergen wrote a musical story about wishes, dreams and deep desires.

One day, all the animals sit together in the forest and say what their dearest wish is. The cricket wants every day to be his birthday, the millipede would like 500 new pairs of shoes and the ant wants nothing at all. The last to speak is the squirrel. His dearest wish is to make a song for everyone. While the others were talking, he was writing a song. Before the animals go home they all sing it together! A musical story – and a familiar one. About our wishes, our big dreams and our deep desires.

A warm bath of youthful desire

De Theaterkrant about Corrie van Binsbergen with Toon Tellegen


Van Binsbergen the dearest wish


Bertie Baigent conductor | Sybrand van der Werf director | Freek den Hartogh actor | Toon Tellegen story | Cynthia Borst scenography