Duke Bluebeard’s Castle

Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Fri 24 Feb ’23
    20:15 - 21:30
    doors open 19:30
    Grote Zaal
  • Sun 26 Feb ’23
    Grote Zaal

A newlywed couple and seven fatal questions: Duke Bluebeard’s Castle is a genuine psychological thriller.

How much truth can we bear in the name of love? That is the question at the heart of Duke Bluebeard’s Castle, a genuine psychological thriller. A newlywed couple and seven fatal questions; this is all the story needs to make the tension unbearable for the listener. The overpowering music, in which Bartók makes masterful use of all the registers of the orchestra, does the rest. Not to be missed.

Wondrous and mysterious… an experience that goes further than an ordinary concert

Lahav Shani


Ligeti atmosphères | Bartók duke bluebeard’s castle


Lahav Shani conductor| Claudia Mahnke mezzo-soprano | Johannes Martin Kränzle baritone