The Firebird (4+)

Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

A musical adventure featuring a brave prince, an evil magician and a bird with magical powers.

In the family show The Firebird the orchestra transports you to a magical world in which everything is coloured by the wonderful music of Stravinsky. In this Russian fairy tale Prince Ivan encounters the firebird in a magician’s garden. After that encounter the prince embarks on an exciting musical adventure when he tries to free thirteen other birds imprisoned by the magician. Will Prince Ivan manage to restore their freedom? Can the firebird help? The story has been rewritten for this show by Lotte van Dijck and staged by the Swiss video artist Camille Scherrer.


Stravinsky firebird Suite


Adam Hickox conductor | Lise-Lott Kok director | Lotte van Dijck arrangement| Ayrton Fraenk actor | Camille Scherrer images