Laura Fygi and Trio Galantes

sunday morning concert
  • Sun 20 Nov ’22
    Grote Zaal
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The program for those who love jazz & latin!

Not so long ago, jazz diva Laura Fygi became acquainted with 3 passionate South American musicians who have formed the Trio Galantes since 2017. The classically trained musicians Alvaro Pinto Lyon from Chile, Humberto Albores Martinez from Mexico and Augusto Valença from Brazil have found each other in their passion for Latin music and they share that love with Laura, who spent her childhood in Uruguay. They turned out to have many of the same songs in their repertoire and when they happened to sing them together, their voices and instruments seemed to fit together wonderfully.
A wonderful program for anyone who likes romantic Latin sounds, but also the more famous jazz pieces, because they will certainly be discussed.


Laura Phygi | Alvaro Pinto Lyon Chile | Humberto Albores Martinez Mexico | Augusto Valenca Brazil