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Under the Surface

Miin Triuwa
  • Thu 24 Feb ’22
    20:30 - 21:45
    Eduard Flipse Zaal
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Improvisation, composition, language and culture blend together in Under the Surface’s third album, Miin Triuwa 

Inspired by their travels and the cultures they have learned about, Under the Surface has developed a unique language of improvisation. A combination between jazz, indigenous and electronic music.

With their third album, Miin Triuwa (‘my loyalty’), the group ventures out on a whole new musical journey, featuring compositions by guitarist Bram Stadhouders. He composed a six-part suite that allows the band members to truly surpass themselves. Instead of traveling to other worlds, the group has used this project to look within, and investigate the way their own roots influence their music. 

For this composition, they delved into our own ‘forgotten’ medieval language. Aided by linguist Peter-Alexander Kerkhof and the Dutch Language Institute, vocalist Sanne Rambags wrote some lyrics in Old Dutch, the language that was spoken in the Netherlands between 600 and 1150, which is phonetically related to Gaelic and Icelandic.

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Under the Surface 

Sanne Rambags vocals & lyrics | Bram Stadhouders guitar & compositions | Joost Lijbaart drums en organisation | Ted Masseurs sound

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