remembrance concert with Lahav Shani

Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest

Dedicated to all who ever lost their home in war

When Rotterdam was reduced to ashes in 1940 on the 14th of May, 80,000 people became homeless. This concert is dedicated to them and everyone else who once lost hearth and home in war. Their pain and their courage to start over can be heard in the work of Mahler, Roustom and Ben-Haim: uprooted composers in whom European, Jewish, Arab and Persian influences meet in one boundless music.


Mahler Tiende symfonie (adagio) | Roustom Eerste vioolconcert | Ben-Haim Eerste symfonie

Inleiding op zondag om 13.15 uur door Jan-Willem van Ree.


Lahav Shani dirigent | Michael Barenboim viool

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