Cappella Amsterdam met Orkest van de Achttiende Eeuw © Jan Hordijk

Bach's Hohe Messe

Cappella Amsterdam | Orkest van de Achttiende Eeuw

Cappella Amsterdam and the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century team up with soloists to perform Bach’s beautiful Mass in B minor (Hohe Messe) in two parts

Bach’s Mass in B minor, better known under its 19th century name ‘Hohe Messe’, is formatted like a roman catholic mass. In this elaborate work for soloists, choir and orchestra, Bach references his own earlier works.


Double ticket

We will be taking into account possible COVID-19 measures until December 2021. For this reason, the Hohe Messe will be performed in two parts: Kyrie and Gloria at 19.00 o’clock, Credo, Sanctus and Agnus Dei at 21.00 o’clock. Should you wish to listen to the Hohe Messe in its entirety, then you can purchase a double ticket that gives you access to both concerts. 


Concert 19.00 uur:  
Bach Kyrie en Gloria, uit: Hohe Messe, BWV 232  
Concert 21.00 uur:  
Bach Credo, Sanctus en Agnus Dei, uit: Hohe Messe, BWV 232 


Cappella Amsterdam | Orkest van de Achttiende Eeuw | Daniel Reuss dirigent  
Julia Doyle sopraan | Margot Oitzinger alt | Guy Cutting tenor | Nicholas Mogg bass 


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