Calliope Tsoupaki © Michiel van Nieuwkerk


Asko|Schönberg plays Tsoupaki
  • Thu 2 Dec ’21
    Grote Zaal
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A new musical narration of the Odyssey by Calliope Tsoupaki

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In this new composition by Calliope Tsoupaki, some of the main themes include the tragedy of a journey lasting years, constant movement, and the virtuosity of the Asko|Schönberg musicians. Oddyseus’ journey in the Odyssey is retold through snippets of text and visuals by Awoiska van der Molen.


Calliope Tsoupaki about Ulysses: 

"ULYSSES is the third composition that I want to write for chamber ensemble, in which the virtuosity and musicality of the musicians of the Asko|Schönberg ensemble will be used to convey the movement and tension of this epic. The text serves as a starting point to approach the archetype of Ulysses as the movement of wind, a dynamic given that challenged the musicians in their virtuosity and musical drama. Being unable to stand still anywhere creates a dynamic musical form with transitions and constant change. The picture that I find very fascinating is when the bag in which the winds were trapped were accidentally released, which resulted in a storm. The journey as an irreversible point. I make a selection of texts, which will then determine the dramaturgy of my composition, without being heard or sung in the composition. The audience gets to read them as inspiration or reminder."


Tsoupaki Odysseus


Asko|Schönberg | Awoiska van der Molen beeld | Jurjen Alkema projecties

Dit programma is mede mogelijk gemaakt door het Mondriaan Fonds. De compositie is tot stand gekomen met steun van Fonds Podiumkunsten.


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