Huelgas Ensemble © Rudy Carlier

Flemish polyphony

Huelgas Ensemble with Paul Van Nevel
  • Fri 5 Mar ’21
    Grote Zaal

Paul Van Nevel goes in search of unknown works, including the forgotten treasures of Flemish polyphony.

The book ‘The Landscape of the Polyphonists: the world of the Franco-Flemish School 1400-1600’ apeared in the summer of 2018. Paul Van Nevel puts forward the hypothesis that the imitative and melancholic style of these composers was created by the nature of the landscape (silence, refuge, melancholy) in which the Franco-Flemish School spent their childhood.  

In this concert, the audience is taken into the hypothesis; for each of the 12 works performed, photos are projected showing the Flemish landscape from the composer's childhood.


Works of Busnois, Gombert, Ockeghem, Des Prez, Manchicourt | Luk Van Eeckhout photography


Huelgas Ensemble | Paul Van Nevel conductor


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